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About Us

Retinol Moisturizer production facility and production line.

Applied Beauty Products started with the idea that quality skincare products with ingredients that work shouldn’t have to cost a lot money. We were founded by two skincare industry veterans who decided it was high time for a change. It’s a fact: brand name cosmeceutical companies price products to support huge marketing budgets and celebrity endorsements. So, our goal? Make effective skincare products affordable.

What is Applied Beauty Products?

  • Our products contain only what our label states
  • Our products do exactly what our label states
  • Our products are produced by the best formulators and fillers

Seriously, we do not exaggerate claims, we do not overstate percentages of our active ingredients, nor do we formulate our products with raw ingredients from low-cost sources with unreliable quality standards.

Dead Sea mud processing for filling in our partner's production facility

We work directly with our suppliers for exclusively formulated products – many of whom formulate and fill comparable products for so called prestige brands. Let’s be clear, we developed exclusive formulas not so we can cut corners, but so we can offer a “generic” version of name-brand products that charge up to 50 times what it costs to make them! Comparable ingredients at comparable percentages with comparable results – this is our promise. And do the products work? Sh*t yes, they work!

At Applied Beauty Products, great skincare is always in your budget.