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Are Preservatives Necessary?

We’ve done a lot of research on this.  Bottom line: Yes, preservatives are necessary in order to properly preserve any products with water in it.  Unpreserved skin care products carry the risk of bacteria and mold growth in the product, which can cause serious infections.  Also, without certain preservatives active ingredients may prematurely breakdown, rendering products less effective.   If you’re totally against preservatives, we get it and we respect your position.  But, for now, we have to follow the science.  Following are some 3rd party knowledge base on the topic:  

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Where do you manufacture your products?

Our Retinol Moisturizer is manufactured in the United States of America.  Our Dead Sea Mud Mask is collected, processed, and bottled where the Dead Sea is located, Israel.   

How do sell your products for so cheap?

We don’t consider our products cheap, we consider them to be value priced.   It’s simple, we don’t spend any money on glossy ads, sponsors, endorsements, or totally greedy dermatologists who’ll say anything for a quick buck.   Also, we don’t wholesale to stores.   And, we’re not greedy.   We sell direct to you – the end-user.   

What is your Return Policy?

Yes, we would be disappointed, but you’re our valued customer and we appreciate you trying our products.  If you’re unhappy, disappointed, or just simply changed your mind, you can return your products within 60 days of receipt for a full refund.   

Just remember, new skincare products, especially really effective ones may take a bit of getting used to.   

Is Shipping Free?

If your order is over $10, shipping is free to any place within the contiguous United States of America.   Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii is just $2.99.  

Do you ship international?

Sorry, we do not ship international at this time.   

How long will it take to receive my order?

We process orders within 1 business day.  Which means if we receive your order by 6 PM, we’ll ship it out the following day.   You’ll receive an order acknowledgement immediately after you place your order, followed by a shipment acknowledgement with a tracking number when we ship your order.  We ship from Connecticut and Nevada.  So, most orders take about 2 to 3 business days to get to you.